Inspired by Lou Reed, Pink Floyd and Trevor Horn the new act The Policy has created a new musical genre: Art House. Art House blends the philosophy from the 60’s and 70’s Art Rock movement with the sounds of the 80’s and modern dance music into one nostalgic yet fresh sound. The duo behind The Policy worked on this sound for over 7 years, and took many forms. Now they’re ready to welcome you to their extremely detailed, melancholic and trippy music that can bring you in any state of mind.

Within a month after their start, The Policy proudly presented their first big news: the famous band Editors gave 1.500 vinyl releases to the early bird buyers of Best Kept Secret Festival 2016 (Holland). On this vinyl are 2 unreleased tracks of Editors, including The Policy remix of ‘Our Love’. Just a few weeks later The Policy signed at one of the most important alternative music labels in the world: [PIAS]. A label that stands for high quality with artists as Moby, Soulwax, Sigur Ros, Crystal Fighters, Alt-J and lots more.

The Policy is looking forward to a musical future. On 14 October they will release their first track ‘Rebirth’. Further, The Policy doesn’t want to speak too much about what motivates them: “We want to let the listeners give their own meaning to our music, so it can grow on them and become a part of them”